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When life gives you shit holes, make lemonade

Aprominent Zambia tourism website appears to have been inspired by President Donald Trump, launching an ad that invites tourists to “visit ****hole Zambia.” The ad, posted on the Zambiatourism.com’s Facebook… Read more »

When God is on your side, all things are possible- even pedophilia and sexual abuse

Last Thursday, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a Twitter spat with Roy Moore, Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee. The night before, Kimmel had dispatched a comedian from his show… Read more »

It’s good to be King…even if your kingdom exists only in your overheated imagination

The servant class in America may already feel permanent, but this Republican tax plan will make that a reality. The right laments social engineering when gay folks want to get… Read more »

If greed is good, why are so many left with crumbs?

A new report by financial giant Credit Suisse shows that the world’s super-rich have accumulated more than half the world’s wealth, while the 3.5 billion poorest in the world account… Read more »

“They have been left for months without any regular access to running water, toilets and showers”

Migrants are stuck in freezing conditions behind the central train station in Belgrade, Serbia, where they survive on one meal a day. Many of the estimated 1,000 migrants are escaping… Read more »

“We sleep afraid, we wake up afraid and leave our homes afraid”

My son, Yousef, calls the bombings “fireworks.” He sinks in fear when explosions wake us up from sleep. He runs to the person closest to him to hide. My little… Read more »

The Clinton Foundation: If saving lives is wrong, who would want to be right?

[Bill] Clinton seems to have had enough. “Did I solve every problem? No,” he told a crowd…in Orlando, Fla. “Did I get caught trying? You bet.”…. [T]he focus on the… Read more »