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2017: The year of the Big, Beautiful Lie

The lie of the year is a sustained effort by the American President to deny direct interference by a hostile foreign power in a Presidential election. Not clear there has… Read more »

“It seems my Christian cross really offends them!”

To anyone surprised at Trump retweeting the British far-right group Britain First: One of his campaign slogans was literally America First, a phrase used by American Nazi sympathizers during WWII… Read more »

If a lie falls in the forest and Russian bots are there to tweet it, is it still a lie?

High volume makes me suspect bot activity. I looked for repeated tweets, and found quite a few. 127 accounts tweeted this, for example. pic.twitter.com/yMX0jfWib3 — Conspirador NorteƱo (@conspirator0) November 3,… Read more »