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“Nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar”

Tonight! My desperate bid to get Trump’s disapproval! #TheFakies pic.twitter.com/7exZSesI8m — Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) January 4, 2018 Today’s the day the President announces what Stephen Colbert is calling “The Fakies”-… Read more »

“I love the poorly educated,” said no effective and inspired leader ever

If you’re a liberal or progressive who’s been obsessively consuming Trumpocalypse post-mortems for the past nine months, you know that voters (fewer than half of them!) voted for Trump for… Read more »

“[W]hat a low bar we have set for the presidency….”

His tone tonight was more sober than usual, but what a low bar we have set for the presidency when a speech is considered a success when the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t… Read more »

“News Flash: This isn’t news….” Isn’t it time for the adults to take over from the subgeniuses??

How did Colbert come to be implicated in something as silly and dangerous as suggesting Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria basement? For… Read more »

When bullshit is truth: Since when are lies to be considered equivalent to truth?

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee made her triumphant return Monday night and, after joking announcing that Hillary Clinton had passed away (“She says she’s not dead, but as we know… Read more »

Donald Trump: Not ready for prime time…or to be a member of the human race

If you need an advisor to tell you not to attack a gold star family, maybe you don’t need to be President. If, after your advisors tell you not to… Read more »