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Today on the “Conservative Butthurt Hour”: Turns out smug arrogance won’t make coffee

#BoycottKeurig Make Coffee Great Again! #StandWithVets BUY #BlackRifleCoffee Stay woke with patriotism, guns and a double shot of humor. #SundayFunday #StandWithHannitypic.twitter.com/2hTpojmF35 — Νια🎄Ναυghτγ-or-Νιcε (@NiaMAGA3X) November 12, 2017 In what has… Read more »

This just in: Hatred, bigotry, arrogance, and assumption of White Privilege are now core American values

On Sunday, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that his company would commit to hiring 10,000 refugees at Starbucks locations around the globe — including in the US — and criticized… Read more »

You had one job….

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#FAIL @Starbucks who reviewed the final design? Klamath Falls DOESN'T have a waterfall. The pic looks like you meant #multnomahfalls #oops pic.twitter.com/DTGZHeUg20 — april (@aprilwhetsell) November 30, 2016 Starbucks, the… Read more »