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What rational, lucid person would agree to serve on Donald Trump’s communications staff?

Under normal circumstances, running the White House communications shop would be a dream job for any political operative. But Donald Trump is the president and the circumstances aren’t normal. He… Read more »

“[I]illiberalism and xenophobia in the hands of a would-be autocrat will make for a dangerous brew”

A parrot flies out the window in Soviet Russia. The owner rushes to the Moscow offices of the K.G.B., where he tells an agent: “I just want to make clear… Read more »

“You saddled the rest of us with misrule and disaster. Own it.”

Holy mother of god, I’m tired of reading quotes from people who live in places where the local economy went to hell or Mexico in 1979, and who have spent… Read more »

If you hear Donald Trump apologizing, you may rest assured he’s been possessed by demons

GOP rep.: Without evidence, Trump owes Obama an apology for wiretapping charge https://t.co/iFS8ku1wwF pic.twitter.com/NygNi9VZkR — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) March 19, 2017 Most of us have experienced a situation in… Read more »