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What would Jesus do? Probably kick Ken Paxton’s ass from here to Brownsville.

Religion and politics seem inescapably intertwined this year. In the latest case, Attorney General Ken Paxton warned Frisco ISD that it might be violating the separation of church and state… Read more »

There are approximately 2000 religions in the world…and ONLY yours is correct

It’s that time of year again…when REAL Americans © pledge fealty to Jesus, the Constitution (at least the parts they agree with), and all that’s Good, Right, and Holy ©…. Read more »

Facts can be such pesky, inconvenient things

“[A]rguing the facts doesn’t help — in fact, it makes the situation worse.” The reason is that people tend to accept arguments that confirm their views and discount facts that… Read more »

“Creeping Sharia”: Not a threat, but maybe a great name for my band?

Sharia Law is a scary word in America these days. Politicians love to hang their platform on that word, “Sharia”. Earlier this week, a Trump spokesperson accused Khizr Khan of… Read more »