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Sexual abuse: What if it really IS as simple as being about the Golden Rule?

So we’re having a national conversation about sexual abuse…and that’s a very good thing. No woman should have to go through life carrying the memory of being sexually assaulted (or… Read more »

Today on Snowflake Watch: Tomi Lahren and her reliance on smug arrogance

Tomi Lahren says she’s ‘sick of liberal elitists looking down on gun owners’ after the 344th mass shooting in 2017 https://t.co/KWUQyI8F3n — Raw Story (@RawStory) October 7, 2017 Fox News… Read more »

If they wanted help, they should have at least had the decency to be born White

Harrowing drone footage shows a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in aftermath of Hurricane Maria. "Ghost town covered in sewage water" pic.twitter.com/SHKsJ3Byhq — ABC News (@ABC) September 30, 2017… Read more »

Mike Pence: When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers

I'm going to say it – there is real evil in the epidemic rate of lying that is going on right now. This is not normal. https://t.co/ifkV1GWAUH — Chris Murphy… Read more »