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“How are we not holding him accountable for this?”

Alyssa Milano is coming for President Donald Trump amid the #MeToo movement. The actress and activist wrote a powerful essay published in Rolling Stone on Thursday discussing how the #MeToo… Read more »

Joe Manchin: A Profile in (something not even remotely resembling) Courage

Dem senator says no need for Trump sexual harassment investigation: "I've moved on" https://t.co/ldpiyjUINd pic.twitter.com/Xk4VBCygh1 — The Hill (@thehill) December 18, 2017 Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said early Monday that… Read more »

If Al Franken can be destroyed, Donald Trump should be an easy and deserving target

As members of Congress, we are demanding that allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump be fully investigated. https://t.co/jSZr82sBiK — Rep. Pramila Jayapal (@RepJayapal) December 17, 2017 The current tone… Read more »

Vote for someone without a penis: An idea whose time has come

Yes, I’m a woman. That’s not a liability. That’s an asset. – Dana Nessel, Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General Like any other American, I’ve spent my life watching men… Read more »

No, women aren’t responsible for being sexually harassed by men

3 politically incorrect things we could do to curb sexual harassment but won't because we're stupid and terrible: 1) Observe the Mike Pence rule2) Emphasize chastity3) Emphasize modesty — Matt… Read more »