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Not exactly love during wartime…but Happy Valentine’s Day just the same

OK, so it’s not the most romantic way I could wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, but things can only go up from here…right??? Wherever y’all are, and whomever y’all… Read more »

“Trump is demonstrating anew all the dangers of unchecked executive authority”

"Whether ours shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately the American people,” said Archibald Cox in 1973. That’s truer… Read more »

When careerism and greed trump patriotism and love of country

@ByronYork Sadly, York is another corrupt Republican, defending his corrupt party, at the expense of our democracy. That’s been my biggest disappointment with this entire affair: Just how unpatriotic and… Read more »

Robert Mueller: The rarest of Washington animals…an example of service, selflessness, and love of country

The #TRUTH? Robert Mueller VOLUNTEERED to join the USMC. He did not volunteer for the Bronze Star with Valor, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross… Read more »

2017: Year of the Angry Impotent White Racist

It's not just for Nazi's https://t.co/Bh8EbfxDIT — Raw Story (@RawStory) December 8, 2017 Owner of punchable face: Every Person Who Still Supports Donald Trump Occupation: Unwashed masses yearning for someone… Read more »

“Rat @#$%ing” in the 21st century: Is a President “more equal” than other, lesser mortals?

If President Donald Trump knew for months that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI, is he guilty of obstructing justice? His lawyer doesn’t think so. John Dowd reportedly told The… Read more »