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Charlottesville: You’re wondering how we arrived at this point??

I was celebrating my brother’s college graduation on Saturday night when I saw the news on my phone: Torch-wielding white supremacists were gathered at Robert E. Lee Park in Charlottesville,… Read more »

Celebrating your heritage: YER DOON IT RONG!!!

The irony of tiki torch bearing White Supremacists marching to protect monuments to that one time they got their asses kicked. Discuss. pic.twitter.com/muSEGGrVAQ — Ragnarok Lobster (@eclecticbrotha) May 15, 2017… Read more »

An open letter to supporters of Donald Trump: Respect is a two-way street

Dear Trump supporters, Congratulation on your candidate’s victory. He received 2.9 million votes LESS than Hillary Clinton…but by the twisted logic of the Electoral College, that makes him a winner…and,… Read more »

“[W]e can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles”

KALISPELL, Mont. — The Whitefish, Montana, Police Department says it is aware of the white supremacist website “The Daily Stormer” and its call for an upcoming “armed march” through the… Read more »

“I’m going to sit down before you throw a grenade at me”

A number of libraries across the U.S. say that they have seen an increased number of anti-Muslim acts of vandalism and hate speech in the wake of the election of… Read more »

“I drink Liberal tears; I use Liberal tears for cologne.”

WATCH: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Defiant After Texas A&M Speech: 'I Drink Liberal Tears' https://t.co/dq5jurd2aL — Haaretz.com (@haaretzcom) December 7, 2016 Richard Spencer, who leads the white supremacist National Policy… Read more »

#BasketOfDeplorables: Racism and bigotry finally go mainstream

Alt-right #Deplorables vision for an all-white society, with Donald Trump as Dear Leader #tcot #UniteBlue https://t.co/7wGmAtXcUh pic.twitter.com/J0b1ragCd3 — (((Beelzebabushka))) (@viciousbabushka) October 9, 2016 The alt-right movement, reveling in the spotlight… Read more »