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Nativism, narcissism, and demagoguery: Say hello to your Republican Presidential nominee

As Trump went full nativist, I called his "immigration address" what it was: a hate speech. https://t.co/9VEacJOICg pic.twitter.com/THhezBH7pK — Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) September 1, 2016 Let no one speak of… Read more »

If you believe Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be equivalent, you’re the problem

WASHINGTON — My recent columns on Donald Trump have generated a consistent response from his supporters: “If … that lying psycho b—- wins, there will be nothing left of this… Read more »

Dear African-American athletes: Shut up and play ball. Love, America.

Sometime far in the future, Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the playing of the national anthem will be heralded as another example of a black athlete using his or… Read more »

Who knew the 1st Amendment applies only to Conservative White nationalists?

Why is the crowd that says America is no longer great, upset with Colin Kaepernick for pointing out flaws in America? — Alphonso (@VGIII) August 27, 2016 I have a… Read more »

Remember, you can only play music middle-aged White folks like

A memo apparently sent to Portland Public Schools bus drivers says they can play pop, jazz and country radio stations while driving kids to school—but not hip-hop. Outraged parents including… Read more »

Tom DeLay: Once a self-serving grifter….

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX)…warned Americans to remember that God “wrote the Constitution” based on the Bible. During an appearance on John Hagee Ministries’ Global Evangelism Television (GETV)… Read more »

Breitbart: The official “news” outlet of the Trump campaign

One of our favorite things about Donald Trump’s nonexistent “pivot” from the primaries to the general election is that, for somebody who thinks he’s such a salesman, he sure doesn’t… Read more »