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“[W]e must defend the religious liberty our founders enshrined in the First Amendment”

More than a decade after Rep. Pete Stark became the first sitting Congressman in modern history to come out as explicitly non-theistic (though he called himself a Unitarian), the now-retired… Read more »

My contribution for a new GOP campaign slogan: “If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em”

WASHINGTON ― On March 21, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) vetoed legislation that would have automatically registered eligible voters when they sought services from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The… Read more »

The fact that America has been “dumbed down” explains how we got to where we are

Yeah, because that is the problem with America right now: Liberals sounding too smart. pic.twitter.com/NUPUGi3t7l — Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) March 18, 2017 I have to laugh at those who… Read more »

Memo to Jason Chaffetz: “Free speech” doesn’t mean only speech you approve of

.@jasoninthehouse scared aren't u – well honey i aint in office – shut down a private citizen? for OPPOSING U AND ALL U STAND FOR – WE C U!! pic.twitter.com/mkZcttzuoF… Read more »

What do you do when you have a President-elect who “shows daily he is not qualified for office?”

A Republican member of the Electoral College from Texas has promised to vote against Donald Trump during the college’s meeting Dec. 19, saying the president-elect “shows daily he is not… Read more »

It’s time for those of us on the Left to prove we’re better than eight years of obstructionism

I pray Progressives will oppose bad ideas because they’re bad while remaining open minded enough to recognize an idea originating on the other side is not by definition “bad.” We… Read more »

In Portland, we riot to protest democracy giving us Orange Hitler…because we’re just that immature

Most of last night's #TrumpRiot damages were attributed by #Dontshootpdx organizer Micah Rhodes to local Black Cross Anarchists. — Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) November 11, 2016 A man has been shot… Read more »

An argument for why true Progressives must vote for Hillary Clinton

I continue to hear from many people who call themselves progressives or liberals, but tell me they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. With due respect, I… Read more »