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The 1st Amendment isn’t a license to be an asshole

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland City Council discussed an ordinance on Mar. 8 that focuses on how the city should handle the disruption of city meetings, but commissioners did not vote… Read more »

Today’s Hero of the People and Model of Compassion: Jeremy Patrick Kidwell

A 46-year-old man upset with homeless people living in his Southeast Portland neighborhood was sentenced Monday to two years of probation for tossing a homemade bomb under a homeless woman’s… Read more »

“We are here because the United States was open and tolerant enough to let us in”

Lost in the Sturm und Drang over the executive order issued by America’s First Monarch © is the truth that most Americans strongly oppose such tyranny. The majority of Americans… Read more »

Sometimes you just need to stand up to a bully

Portland mayor @tedwheeler responds to @POTUS immigration orders, saying "We will not be complicit in the deportation of our neighbors." — Conrad Wilson (@conradjwilson) January 25, 2017 "… the City… Read more »

Portland: Where young people come to retire and planning ends before entering the city limits

In Seattle, the transportation department aims “to achieve bare and wet pavement on specified streets within twelve hours after a significant lull in the storm,” according to that city’s winter-weather… Read more »