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Twitter: The world’s most powerful universal butthurt dissemination service

The Prince tribute would’ve been cool… except Prince specifically said he didn’t want that, right? Even in death, Prince continues to be misunderstood. — Adam Best (@adamcbest) February 5, 2018… Read more »

If my Vikings couldn’t be the ones to bring down the Evil Empire, I’m grudgingly happy Philly did

pic.twitter.com/mFTpsFJqG8 — Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) February 5, 2018 I watched Super Bowl LII only because it was in Minneapolis, a city I love and where I’ve lived previously (I also… Read more »

Welcome to Minneapolis…yes, we mean Eagles fan, though they should probably watch their backs

OK, so the Super Bowl is in Minneapolis this year. I’d been looking forward to watching my Vikings dismantle the New England Patriots, but that didn’t quite work out the… Read more »

Another notch in the Vikings’ long legacy of heartbreak: “At the end of the day, we just got whooped”

[B]eing a [Vikings] fan is like being a parent to a child that constantly makes poor life choices: filled with disappointment. – Victoria Russell On Sunday, January 14th, I was… Read more »

Stephen A. Smith: What happens when you go from “class” to “ass”…and never return

NFL Video: Stephen A. Smith rips Jay Cutler, calls him “the worst quarterback in the NFL” and an “absolute joke.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my five-plus decades… Read more »