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What it looks like when a government agency no longer bothers to hide its corruption

AP fires back at Trump's EPA: We stand by our on-site reporting on flooded toxic waste zones https://t.co/uFxKgkoDVX pic.twitter.com/DGexljxZvE — The Hill (@thehill) September 4, 2017 What follows is a… Read more »

If you need proof that militant White supremacists are monsters….

Trump isn't even half the man Tim Mcveigh was .In Fact, there hasn't been a real American hero or soldier since. — Dean Martyr (@DeanMartyr) June 5, 2017 To most… Read more »

Science: Just another evil Liberal plot to indoctrinate and brainwash our precious snowflakes

Global warming denier James Inhofe says the EPA is “brainwashing our kids” https://t.co/YH4G6SM93r pic.twitter.com/ZWXPQujklU — Salon (@Salon) March 16, 2017 Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma — a climate change… Read more »

America(n corporations) First. People? Not so much.

What sort of fresh Hell have we collectively descended into when the director of The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a sworn enemy of the agency he now runs? How… Read more »

“I think it’s universally viewed that our state…and a few others are really the worst out there”

Warning: we have reached Level Six Handmaid's Tale realization. I repeat: Level Six Handmaid's Tale realization https://t.co/3Gq0eMyL55 — Cari Luna (@cari_luna) February 13, 2017 Women in Oklahoma need to get… Read more »

What Would Jesus Drive?

In a truly bizarre ad that could only come from the heartland of the U.S., an Oklahoma car dealer and his wife celebrate America coming together under God after lamenting… Read more »

Oregon football: Now just as craven and out of control as any other program

There is something far bigger than just Helfrich at play at Oregon, which in the past two decades has grown into one of college football’s elite programs. First as the… Read more »

“[T]he next four years will be a continued struggle and continued other-ing”

(thanks to David Flanders for this one) Penn students and staff are in an uproar after black freshmen students were added to a GroupMe group titled “Nigger Lynching.”…. A Penn… Read more »

The separation of Church and State…yes, it applies even in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin invites Christians to thank God for the oil industry. Governor Mary Fallin has issued an Executive Proclamation designating October 13 as Oilfield Prayer Day…. NewsOK reports… Read more »