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A grateful state (and nation) heaves a sigh of relief: It looks like Michele Bachmann is back on her meds

Even in the snow, I still say no. pic.twitter.com/RVC4ktxBJB — God (@TheGoodGodAbove) February 3, 2018 Earlier this year, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann revealed that she was inquiring of the… Read more »

If you want to understand why Republicans can’t govern effectively, compare Minnesota and Wisconsin

Brain drain help Republicans get elected in #Wisconsin https://t.co/nFiY72k07p @ScottWalker #braindrain #GOP #wiright pic.twitter.com/Gm3E22yRSz — Phil Hands (@PhilHands) February 17, 2017 It’s no surprise that Wisconsin has become a more… Read more »