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Another Classic Moment in Presidential Lack of Self-Awareness

Donald Trump: "False accusations of sexual harassment or domestic abuse are horrible, terrible. So to avoid the harm to men of false accusations, I signed an executive order forbidding woman… Read more »

One road leads to despair and devastation, the other to defeat and despotism. Choose wisely.

The language of @realDonaldTrump that the African continent, Haiti and El Salvador are “shithole countries” is extremely unfortunate. We are certainly not a “shithole country”. We will not accept such… Read more »

Income inequality: Immoral, unjust…and evidently built to stay that way

To say there’s something fundamentally wrong with an economic system which allows eight men to own as much wealth as the remaining 3.6 BILLION people on the planet seems self-evident…. Read more »

On today’s episode of “Digging Our Graves With Our Teeth”….

As the cereal’s slogan goes, just “follow your nose” ― to this fast-food chain. Burger King is coming out with a Froot Loops shake. Starting April 17, “for a limited… Read more »

First, do no harm…unless you and your rich friends won’t suffer any adverse effects

Tomorrow's front: DR. EVIL https://t.co/BUDtHG1Uq8-Trump plots to buy votes for health care plan-2 beeel-yun dollar scheme screws NYC pic.twitter.com/6M5guH76dy — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) March 22, 2017 The latest… Read more »

#DeleteUber: From 0-outrage in no time flat

Deleted Uber app and my phone works much better–I'm not a techie, but it seems like hate uses up a lot of RAM. #deleteuber — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) January 30,… Read more »

It’s time for Portland to decide what sort of city it wants to be

Michael Andersen, an affordable housing advocate with Portland for Everyone, posted maps representing five years of rocketing housing prices that make once-affordable dwellings out of reach to most people. In… Read more »

9/11: Only Rudy Giuliani is man enough…and Republican enough…to own that terrible day

Attention, America: Rudy Giuliani would just like to call your attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton did NOTHING on 9/11! She probably wasn’t even there, or maybe she was… Read more »