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Self-awareness really should be a prerequisite for holding public office

A tweet from years ago that's more relevant now than the day it was written…https://t.co/2M9dUkCrnO — đź—˝Jeffrey Levinđź—˝ (@jilevin) January 25, 2018 It's almost like the United States has no… Read more »

Congratulations, America: We’re now a nation defined by weakness, racism, and xenophobia

Just as the Senate Judiciary Committee was getting ready to conduct an oversight hearing today with newly appointed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, her department, along with… Read more »

Tomi Lahren: If only the darkies knew their place and kept to it

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren on Wednesday lashed out at the National Football League over a policy allowing players to kneel for the national anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl…. Read more »

Man, who knew it was SO hard to be a Christian in ‘Merica these days??

Unfortunately, not all have recognized the importance of religious freedom, whether by threatening tax consequences for particular forms of religious speech, or forcing people to comply with laws that violate… Read more »

This is what it looks like when there’s no daylight between politics and hypocrisy

2 students have been killed, 19 injured at Marshall County High School in Kentucky. It has been 14 Hours since this tragedy took place. If this was a Muslim doing… Read more »