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It’s OK…I wasn’t using my civil liberties, anyway

NEW: Only 49% of Republicans say media freedom to criticize politicians is very important for democracy in Americahttps://t.co/kyjRXJyHjW pic.twitter.com/EoMaEfb23p — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) March 2, 2017 But also, only 76%… Read more »

Freedom means keeping your mouth shut and playing football

For his role in spearheading a protest movement and amplifying an ongoing discussion about racial inequality in America, Colin Kaepernick has been rewarded with death threats. On Tuesday, the 49ers… Read more »

So you STILL think there shouldn’t be an IQ test at polling places (You must be THIS intelligent to vote)?

It’s really too bad the average ‘Merican puts far more stock in the incoherent stylings of a racist demagogue (Donald Trump) than the the sensible, fact-based observations of an academic… Read more »