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“We have death squads in this country and it’s being run by a super secret agency”

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles continues to insist that the recent massacre in Las Vegas was carried out a top secret death squad controlled by a secret world government that… Read more »

What stylish Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes will be wanting for Christmas

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Strip shooting massacre, one nagging question is how could Stephen Paddock bring an arsenal of long-guns into the Mandalay Bay hotel without being… Read more »

Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes prevail over our short attention span…again

A week has passed since the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people. The USA has done nothing and is no longer talking about it, having moved on to other matters…. Read more »

Guns don’t kill people; Wayne LaPierre kills people (Part Deux)

Wayne LaPierre just blamed collapse of mental health system on gun issues. In MI in 90s, GOP govt. shut it down, booted thousands to street. — Carolyn Moran (@travelingirl68) October… Read more »

It’s always “too soon” when you have no moral justification for intransigence

On Monday, in response to the tragedy in Las Vegas, President Trump sent out a “presidential” tweet and then read prepared remarks off of a teleprompter. No mention of guns…. Read more »

More #thoughtsandprayers…yeah, that’ll make everything better

Whenever someone shoots someone else, with a GUN, it is PRECISELY the right time to talk about preventing ppl from shooting ppl, with GUNS! https://t.co/SzewV4gErV — Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow)… Read more »