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Who needs insurance? Jesus is driving my campaign bus.

Idaho already has some of the weirdest politics per capita in the country — although bigger states like Florida and Texas have more gross weirdness, and weird grossness, we have… Read more »

“You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts”

.@seanhannity: “Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?”Ted Koppel: "Yes." More here: https://t.co/HIiWcfVPTb pic.twitter.com/FmAYCFXvwU — CBS Sunday Morning (@CBSSunday) March 26, 2017 Fake "edited"… Read more »

“This [fake] story is still developing and CTN will bring you more when we have it.”

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – It was early fall, and Donald Trump, behind in the polls, seemed to be preparing a rationale in case a winner like him somehow managed to lose…. Read more »

#BasketOfDeplorables: Racism and bigotry finally go mainstream

Alt-right #Deplorables vision for an all-white society, with Donald Trump as Dear Leader #tcot #UniteBlue https://t.co/7wGmAtXcUh pic.twitter.com/J0b1ragCd3 — (((Beelzebabushka))) (@viciousbabushka) October 9, 2016 The alt-right movement, reveling in the spotlight… Read more »