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Today on Snowflake Watch: Tomi Lahren and her reliance on smug arrogance

Tomi Lahren says she’s ‘sick of liberal elitists looking down on gun owners’ after the 344th mass shooting in 2017 https://t.co/KWUQyI8F3n — Raw Story (@RawStory) October 7, 2017 Fox News… Read more »

“[W]e can only make everything political when we decide the other side is evil just because they disagree with us”

Still wondering what possible rationale the NYT has for publishing Erickson’s “be nice to people, and by people I mean me” piece — 280 to win (@jesseltaylor) October 1, 2017… Read more »

College students might listen to Conservatives…if they had anything of value to say

“Chilling” is the word used in the Washington Post headline to describe college students’ supposed hostility to free speech. A new poll appears to indicate that 20% of college students… Read more »

So…how’s that “DRAIN THE SWAMP!!” thing working for you??

What’s the deal with Trump administration officials and private jets, huh? And why are the little bags of peanuts so hard to open? Politico reported…that Health and Human Services Secretary… Read more »

#MAGA: If only Liberal women had been willing to give it up for Conservative men

How is the Left to blame for Trump this week? Well, according to an especially charming article up at the Federalist, it is because we are virtue-signaling jerks who refuse… Read more »