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Today’s Coffee-Spew Moment: Donald Trump is America’s Winston Churchill

‘America’s Mussolini — but stupider’: Internet rains hell down on Mike Huckabee for comparing Trump to Winston Churchill https://t.co/UlPNhtJQB9 — Raw Story (@RawStory) December 27, 2017 On Tuesday evening, former… Read more »

Welcome to the golden era of American Kleptocracy

Moments ago, President @realDonaldTrump tweeted about a "new source of 'love'" found in GOP tax reform. pic.twitter.com/cxlcIFGoc7 — Fox News (@FoxNews) December 22, 2017 “Our big and very popular Tax… Read more »

“I love the poorly educated,” said no effective and inspired leader ever

If you’re a liberal or progressive who’s been obsessively consuming Trumpocalypse post-mortems for the past nine months, you know that voters (fewer than half of them!) voted for Trump for… Read more »

Have we just witnessed the death of democracy…and the birth of kleptocracy/idiocracy?

Some among my more Conservative friends will undoubtedly believe this to be sour grapes, but I find it difficult to believe this election wasn’t rigged…though not in the way Donald… Read more »