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Racism and White nationalism are no impediment to public service

Arpaio, of course, is a monster who tortured many human beings. Unfortunately, I don’t trust people to really pay attention to human torture, especially as a lot of people convince… Read more »

Heart of Darkness: “The morality of pardoning Arpaio while trashing the lives of 800k #Dreamers is clear”

That @realDonaldTrump opens the week with a poorly thought out, morally bankrupt move playing to the worst of America is no surprise. /1 — Jim Himes (@jahimes) September 5, 2017… Read more »

Is it President-elect Donald Trump…or Dawood Ibrahim Khan??

Donald Trump was born in Pakistan: Meet the new birther conspiracy theory https://t.co/YYiiXIfEK8 pic.twitter.com/HvwRH7tYlu — The Oregonian (@Oregonian) November 16, 2016 [Donald Trump] rose up the alt-right ranks by aggressively… Read more »