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While we’re on the subject of shit holes, how about Jesse Watters?

Towards the end of today’s broadcast of “The Five,” the panel of Fox News hosts finally got around to discussing the report that President Donald Trump referred to Haiti, El… Read more »

Fox News Channel/American state media: The truth…or something like that

Fox News throwing the c-word around with the kind of carelessness I've only ever seen in the Middle East pic.twitter.com/LnTCXhJLLg — Sulome Anderson (@SulomeAnderson) December 17, 2017 The investigation into… Read more »

Remember kids, smug arrogance isn’t a credible ideology

Lol. Funny how all the Nazis and white supremacists watch @foxnews & are #republicans. Keep up @jessebwatters you can't be this stupid. https://t.co/t2ZoSduGKl — trumpnazis need 2 👠 (@LiberalJaxx) August… Read more »