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“[T]he Trump movement was real, Trump was real, he was fighting for us, the people….”

President Donald Trump’s hardcore white supremacist fans have not been shy about expressing their displeasure with some of Trump’s recent foreign policy moves…. [S]everal high-profile white nationalists also slammed Trump… Read more »

I know; it can be SO hard to find a fashionable flak jacket in a war zone

When the kush hits pic.twitter.com/AAZn6ukJKt — Ian Boudreau🌹 (@iboudreau) April 6, 2017 Jared models the latest item in Ivanka's collection, the "Unisex Combat Bra" #TheResistance https://t.co/YfV4SWfh96 — Vicious Babushka (@viciousbabushka)… Read more »

Sometimes it’s best to let Twitter do the talking….

Kushner's new skyscraper is 100% a huge glass dildo pic.twitter.com/JPMuX9N8eJ — CAFE (@cafedotcom) March 21, 2017 @PeterGrantwsj His architects probably had to bone up on their skills. — Blobert 🌮… Read more »