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I know; it can be SO hard to find a fashionable flak jacket in a war zone

When the kush hits pic.twitter.com/AAZn6ukJKt — Ian Boudreau🌹 (@iboudreau) April 6, 2017 Jared models the latest item in Ivanka's collection, the "Unisex Combat Bra" #TheResistance https://t.co/YfV4SWfh96 — Vicious Babushka (@viciousbabushka)… Read more »

Sometimes it’s best to let Twitter do the talking….

Kushner's new skyscraper is 100% a huge glass dildo pic.twitter.com/JPMuX9N8eJ — CAFE (@cafedotcom) March 21, 2017 @PeterGrantwsj His architects probably had to bone up on their skills. — Blobert 🌮… Read more »