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Somewhere warm and breezy, Josef Goebbels is snickering into his Stella Artois

Will the moderators step in when Mr. Trump delivers one of his well-known, often reiterated falsehoods? If he claims, yet again, to have opposed the Iraq war from the beginning… Read more »

So you STILL think there shouldn’t be an IQ test at polling places (You must be THIS intelligent to vote)?

It’s really too bad the average ‘Merican puts far more stock in the incoherent stylings of a racist demagogue (Donald Trump) than the the sensible, fact-based observations of an academic… Read more »

Dear America: You’re not exactly covering yourself in glory

Donald Trump is the internet troll of presidential politics. When he’s securely removed from the objects of his scorn, he’s tough as nails; when he’s in their presence, he quivers… Read more »

“I believe in science” shouldn’t be considered a radical statement

[T]he two major presidential candidates this year hold vastly different views on science-related issues. Hillary Clinton actually read the line “I believe in science” as she accepted the Democratic nomination… Read more »

This just in: Donald Trump proposes to revoke the citizenship of Liberals and summarily deport them

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Donald J. Trump on Monday laid out his plan for combating global Islamic terrorism, invoking the Cold War era to try new approaches and accusing President Obama… Read more »