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Our business is discrimination and homophobia…and business is (not so very) good

If Texas lawmakers piled up hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the middle of an empty field and set it on fire, there would be massive public outrage. But… Read more »

North Carolina: Where democracy is for losers and atheist, baby Jesus-hating Liberals

Since North Carolina voters elected Democratic governor Roy Cooper in November, the Republican-dominated state legislature has been on a mission to take away the governor’s power. The legislature’s latest power… Read more »

There’s ignorant, self-righteous, even holier-than-thou…and then there’s Anne Graham Lotz

The daughter of evangelical pastor Billy Graham has suggested that God let 9/11 happen because he’s too upset about transgender people. Anne Graham Lotz is the sister of Franklin Graham,… Read more »

North Carolina: The State That Hates

North Carolina legislators beat down an attempt to repeal HB-2 in an apparent reneging on an agreement between the lege and the city of Charlotte, sending signals that LGBT activists… Read more »

North Carolina Republicans: Now with even more pettiness

Since the state passed the virulently anti-queer House Bill 2, which prohibits transgender people from using the public restroom that corresponds with their gender identity and bans cities from passing… Read more »

North Carolina: Proof that voters get the quality of leadership they deserve

“I wish they would have saved their money and not spent it on a ridiculous political propaganda and maybe would’ve donated that money to a lot of the homeless people… Read more »

Dear North Carolina: Tolerance and kindness…you should try it

Portland commissioners will designate 600 city bathrooms as “all-user” on Friday. They will replace “male” and “female” signs on single-occupancy restrooms with signs that show a toilet. The new signs… Read more »

North Carolina: What happens when you give “Christian” haters and bigots the keys to government

Here's the NC GOP's response to the NCAA. I made sure it was not a parody account. pic.twitter.com/BD8Ak8Rx0q — Andrew Carter (@_andrewcarter) September 13, 2016 For those asking, N.C. GOP… Read more »