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Hypocrisy and double standards aren’t impediments to effective leadership…except when they are

The Secret Service confirmed Thursday that those attending President Trump’s Friday speech to the National Rifle Association in Atlanta must leave their guns outside. “Individuals determined to be carrying firearms… Read more »

And ye shall know their despicable nature when they attack and demean children

WASHINGTON ― After what seems like a never-ending stream of deadly mass shootings, many gun reform proponents fear that Americans have become too desensitized to bloodshed to demand action to… Read more »

And a child shall lead them….

Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching… Read more »

It’s time to show Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes they no longer control the debate

Quinnipiac:97% of favor background checks for all gun buyers now, up from 85-95%. 66% of voters support stricter gun laws, up from 47% in 12/2015. So why are gun control… Read more »