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2017: Reflections on a year that sucked donkey balls

Like virtually every other American prone to the occasional critical thought, I find myself pondering the events of the year that was. I can remember beginning 2017 relieved that 2016… Read more »

‘Tis the season for hypocrisy and flowery but ultimately meaningless words

At the end of each year, no matter how short—or long—it may feel, there is always Christmas. Waiting for us is that sense of wonder the shepherds felt when the… Read more »

Fox News Channel: Where democracy, the rule of law, and constitutional norms go to die

Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news? You deserve it – three great people! The many Fake News Hate Shows should study your formula for success! —… Read more »

Truth knows no ideology or religion…and it serves no statesman or despot

The above graphic is a screen capture from Right Wing Watch, a website I’ve read for years. It’s much like every other day, when RWW chronicles the lies, deception, and… Read more »