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WHAT global climate change??

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What it looks like when a government agency no longer bothers to hide its corruption

AP fires back at Trump's EPA: We stand by our on-site reporting on flooded toxic waste zones https://t.co/uFxKgkoDVX pic.twitter.com/DGexljxZvE — The Hill (@thehill) September 4, 2017 What follows is a… Read more »

Everyone hates government oversight…until it’s desperately needed

Houston left with a toxic mess as Trump relaxes rules https://t.co/q9ohYIQGO8 pic.twitter.com/LcVScfxqU2 — POLITICO (@politico) September 2, 2017 Explosions and fires at a Houston-area chemical plant triggered an evacuation Thursday… Read more »

Who needs insurance? Jesus is driving my campaign bus.

Idaho already has some of the weirdest politics per capita in the country — although bigger states like Florida and Texas have more gross weirdness, and weird grossness, we have… Read more »