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When does love of country count for more than Trump-fueled lunacy?

There’s a line where party loyalty doesn’t apply anymore. Most assuredly that line is crossed when the party nominee is a demagogic, foaming at the mouth idiot, who based on… Read more »

In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice

A Donald Trump spokeswoman Tuesday night opened a new front in the GOP nominee’s campaign of insults against the parents of a Muslim-American war hero, this time blaming President Barack… Read more »

Ladies and gentlemen: Your 2016 Republican Presidential nominee

Bigoted, unqualified and as thin-skinned as a sleep-deprived infant are the only diagnoses you need. https://t.co/Ep4aYxPUxN — LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) August 7, 2016 Most Americans don't want people with mental problems… Read more »

From the Department of Double Standards: Personal responsibility for thee, nay for me

Gingrich says he won't pay his '12 campaign debt. Stiffing 114 businesses out of millions https://t.co/XXeegVyiFN @ArthurDelaneyHP @PaulBlu — Amanda Terkel (@aterkel) August 5, 2016 WASHINGTON ― Newt Gingrich apparently… Read more »

The Trump Effect: Treating others with respect and kindness isn’t a priority

A little kid is yelling "Take the bitch down!" when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton. A little kid. No more than 10, I would say. — Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) August 2,… Read more »