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It’s time to admit that this President has proven himself seriously mentally unstable

Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary pic.twitter.com/vKhxxFCBV1 — Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, 2017 ‘God help us all’: Twitter erupts when Nikki Haley says ‘He gets emotional’ to excuse Trump tweets… Read more »

Kellyanne Conway: What it looks like when you’re lying and everyone knows it

What makes liar-for-hire Kellyanne Conway evil is not her lies, but her constant besmirching of the truth. #TrumpRussia pic.twitter.com/LOQamrTNwC — Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) July 10, 2017 Imagine that your… Read more »

Inauguration Day: Ineptitude and plagiarism rule!!

Maybe the background was Melania’s idea?…. Regardless, someone on Trump’s social media team must have seen that they’ve been caught, because they’ve changed the background for the second time today……. Read more »

When motor oil tastes just like chocolate milk, it’s because Kellyanne Conway is selling it

‘Everybody can see it’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo fights Kellyanne Conway’s denials that #Trump mocked reporter https://t.co/aiKbxJ0sO4 pic.twitter.com/VH9A7ALR7n — Raw Story (@RawStory) January 9, 2017 I’ll have more to say on… Read more »