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When the truth no longer matters, Evil becomes King and lies the coin of the realm

lol wut? White House now saying Obama "authorized" Flynn's conversations with Russian Ambassador. pic.twitter.com/0VVl0TN2ci — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) December 1, 2017 Trump is clearly at the center of the operation,… Read more »

So…how’s that “DRAIN THE SWAMP!!” thing working for you??

What’s the deal with Trump administration officials and private jets, huh? And why are the little bags of peanuts so hard to open? Politico reported…that Health and Human Services Secretary… Read more »

It’s time to admit that this President has proven himself seriously mentally unstable

Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary pic.twitter.com/vKhxxFCBV1 — Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, 2017 ‘God help us all’: Twitter erupts when Nikki Haley says ‘He gets emotional’ to excuse Trump tweets… Read more »

Donald Trump: If not for self-delusion, he’d have no delusion at all

Trump: We should just cancel the election and "give it to Trump" https://t.co/0z5bVsWiHP pic.twitter.com/RNnBXYl4WR — The Hill (@thehill) October 28, 2016 With less than two weeks until Election Day, Donald… Read more »

9/11: Only Rudy Giuliani is man enough…and Republican enough…to own that terrible day

Attention, America: Rudy Giuliani would just like to call your attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton did NOTHING on 9/11! She probably wasn’t even there, or maybe she was… Read more »

Bread and circuses: When you have nothing of substance to offer your supporters

Donald Trump has repeatedly called this year’s presidential election rigged and has coyly said “I will keep you in suspense” on whether he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory, but… Read more »