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The lives of unborn children? Precious. The lives of those killed by gun violence? Not so much.

In the aftermath of two recent acts of gun violence, the House GOP caucus has been inspired not to pursue gun control legislation that could prevent future mass shootings, but… Read more »

The Las Vegas shooting victims aren’t abstract concepts; their stories should be told

Remembering the victims of the Las Vegas shooting: Here are their stories https://t.co/HStc6YQAyS — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 4, 2017 To those of you who still believe that it’s “too… Read more »

Common-sense gun control: We can have it if we can find our voice…and use it

Suggested #GunSense: 1)Tax the hell out of assault weapon ammo, 2) force owners to carry personal liability insurance for such guns,(thread) — Pam Keith (@PamKeithFL) October 2, 2017 I’ve devoted… Read more »