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“Government should never keep assets seized from innocent people”

(Thanks to Theo Kaht) Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday signed into law a controversial bill that changes how state law enforcement seize money and property suspected of being linked to… Read more »

Notorious RBG rides to rescue the Constitution and the rule of law- again

Under our Constitution, a person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. It’s a foundational principle that is familiar to anyone who’s watched an episode… Read more »

Reefer Madness: Because “small government” is an oxymoron for authoritarian Conservatives

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s administration said on Thursday for the first time that it will crack down on marijuana sales in states that have approved recreational pot use. White… Read more »

This is what happens when you broad jump the line separating “class” from “ass”

People say Trump doesn't have the temperament but only one candidate has the restraint to say "check out sex tape" and not include the link https://t.co/y1CesgrutF — ☕netw3rk (@netw3rk) September… Read more »

We’re from the government and we’re here to…oh, fugeddaboudit….

Answering truthfully to the question “have you ever smoked weed?” could get foreigners looking to visit the United States banned from entering the country for life. That’s what happened to… Read more »

DEA: Marijuana should remain illegal because…well, because it’s illegal

What’s so bad about weed that we should continue to keep it illegal in this country? The DEA is glad you asked. We should keep weed illegal because it is… Read more »