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“They totally don’t hate gay people. They just really love freedom. And strawman arguments.”

Now that the Supreme Court has heard arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (the one with the Christian guy who doesn’t want to bake cakes for… Read more »

Verily, Jesus said, “You may be fed and clothed…just as soon as you finish your Bible study”

Is the goal of a charity food bank to help feed hungry people — or to win converts to a religion? It seems that some Christian food banks are chafing… Read more »

Small Government (n.)- A form of government tiny enough to grant one’s intolerance and bigotry the force of law

The “party of limited government” in Tennessee is aggressively trying to interfere with a gay couple’s custody battle. The Tennessean reports that 53 Republican lawmakers in the state have signed… Read more »

If Carne Asada is wrong, I don’t want to be right

“My culture is a dominant culture, and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks [on] every corner,” the Mexican-born… Read more »

Today’s shining example of the love of Jesus Christ

Police are investigating a threat made to a local mosque in Watauga, Texas, where an unidentified man threatened to decapitate Muslims who attended it. Local news station Fox4News reports that… Read more »