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Another Classic Moment in Presidential Lack of Self-Awareness

Donald Trump: "False accusations of sexual harassment or domestic abuse are horrible, terrible. So to avoid the harm to men of false accusations, I signed an executive order forbidding woman… Read more »

One road leads to despair and devastation, the other to defeat and despotism. Choose wisely.

The language of @realDonaldTrump that the African continent, Haiti and El Salvador are “shithole countries” is extremely unfortunate. We are certainly not a “shithole country”. We will not accept such… Read more »

“He’s going to make the whole world look like the back of Rick James’ van.”

(Thanks to David Flanders for the idea) Anthony Bourdain has vowed to stay clear from any restaurants owned by President-elect Donald Trump. “I will never eat in his restaurant,” the… Read more »