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Today’s Coffee-Spew Moment: Donald Trump is America’s Winston Churchill

‘America’s Mussolini — but stupider’: Internet rains hell down on Mike Huckabee for comparing Trump to Winston Churchill https://t.co/UlPNhtJQB9 — Raw Story (@RawStory) December 27, 2017 On Tuesday evening, former… Read more »

If Republicans are truly concerned about “electoral integrity,” this would be a good place to prove it

If the 2000 and 2016 Presidential elections proved anything, it’s that the Electoral College is outdated, anti-democratic, and easy pickings for those who would manipulate the results. No President should… Read more »

Election Day: Let’s do this…and get it right, America!!

After two-plus years of mind-numbing bullshit, today’s the day it comes to an end. Whatever the reason, however horrific, evil, and/or apocalyptically unqualified the eventual winners may be, America will… Read more »

How to destroy a democratic republic in three easy steps

With the 58th presidential election under the U.S. Constitution now less than a week away, it is clear that the 228-year-old document is not achieving one of its central purposes…. Read more »

“The moral equivalent of treason”: How could the GOP nominate a fascist?

Keith Olbermann unleashed his fury against Donald Trump and anyone who would defend him for uttering “the words that will damn him throughout American history.” Olbermann already damned the Republican… Read more »

Baloney sandwiches: The official foodstuff of Donald trump’s post-apocalyptic hellscape

Portland advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy jumped into the most Portland possible trade Friday: the food cart game. The political food cart game. The cart, called “Donald Trump’s BS,” started serving sandwiches… Read more »

Bread and circuses: When you have nothing of substance to offer your supporters

Donald Trump has repeatedly called this year’s presidential election rigged and has coyly said “I will keep you in suspense” on whether he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory, but… Read more »

It’s easy to ignore the Constitution and the rule of law when they become inconvenient

Rodrigo Duterte has only been in office eight weeks, but his presidency has already been a bloody one for the Philippines. Elected in May, the 71-year-old Duterte coasted to victory… Read more »

If you believe Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be equivalent, you’re the problem

WASHINGTON — My recent columns on Donald Trump have generated a consistent response from his supporters: “If … that lying psycho b—- wins, there will be nothing left of this… Read more »