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How Democracy Dies: America is now (rightfully) considered a flawed democracy

Americans like to think of our country as a bastion of democracy. But for the first time, The Democracy Index has downgraded the United States from a full to a… Read more »

“[T]heir casual indifference to the non-majoritarian sources of their power will only deepen….resentments[.]”

Starting next month, the United States will have a minority government. This assertion flies in the face of just about everything you have read, because the Republicans will control the… Read more »

Indecision 2106: They say those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it….

Former Vice President Al Gore introduced himself to Florida millennials on Tuesday, telling them that his near miss in the 2000 presidential election is “exhibit A” for why it’s so… Read more »

Presidential politics: We should be looking at the only numbers that count

It’s after Labor Day in a Presidential election year, so welcome to the breathless “final sprint to the finish line” missives from the mainstream media. Oh, and there’s also the… Read more »