Fox, meet hen house….

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When does love of country count for more than Trump-fueled lunacy?


There’s a line where party loyalty doesn’t apply anymore. Most assuredly that line is crossed when the party nominee is a demagogic, foaming at the mouth idiot, who based on his own statements clearly doesn’t understand economics, international trade, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, foreign policy, the nature of America’s international alliances, or what it takes to be President. Add into this the fact that the same man has spent the better part of a year openly appealing to hatred, xenophobia, and irrational fear in a manner unseen since the days of demagogues such as Huey Long, Father Charles Coughlin, and George Wallace and you get Donald John Trump, the least qualified person to win a major party nomination in American history.

Joel Mataconis

Any election involves, to greater or lesser degrees, the willing suspension of disbelief. Candidates are packaged and marketed like breakfast cereal or toilet paper, and not many are able to vote based on in-depth knowledge. Few Americans have the time, much less the inclination, to thoroughly vet and evaluate a candidate. Continue reading

“Creeping Sharia”: Not a threat, but maybe a great name for my band?


Sharia Law is a scary word in America these days. Politicians love to hang their platform on that word, “Sharia”. Earlier this week, a Trump spokesperson accused Khizr Khan of supporting Sharia Law. Why is Sharia such a scary word? For starters, it’s short and easy to pronounce. When you add the word “creeping” in front of it, it starts to look even creepier. Especially since American people know very little, or nothing, about Islam, according to a Pew Research Poll. The word “Sharia Law” has Americans conjure up images of guys with turbans. But wait a minute― does anyone actually know what Sharia Law even is?

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