When Liberals do it, it’s political correctness. When Conservatives do it, it’s patriotism


Team USA gymnastics superstar Gabby Douglas says she never meant any disrespect by not placing her hand over her heart during the national anthem Tuesday … saying, “I apologize if I offended anyone.” Douglas took some heat following the team’s gold medal victory in the All-Around competition — when she stood next to teammates Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez and Madison Kocian … but didn’t put her hand over her heart. It didn’t take long for Gabby to head to Twitter to explain herself … “In response to a few tweets I saw tonight, I always stand at attention out of respect for our country whenever the national anthem is played,” Douglas wrote.

Interesting, isn’t it? The same people who complain loud and long about “political correctness” are the first ones to vent their considerable righteous outrage when someone fails to engage in a pro forma expression of patriotism. In the same way patriots savage politicians who neglect to wear (or “properly” wear) a cloisonne flag pin on their lapel, those who don’t do things “correctly” during the playing of the national anthem are worthy only of condemnation.


Remember, it’s not about being patriotic; it’s about genuflecting correctly and appropriately in the socially expected manner. Douglas in her excitement neglected the pro forma gestures, ergo…GABBY DOUGLAS DOESN’T LOVE AMERICA!!! Continue reading

Sometimes you lose…it’s not conclusive proof the election was rigged


Donald Trump said at a rally this week that the election “is gonna be rigged.” He later added in a Fox News interview that he hopes “the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.” President Barack Obama mocked the rigged-election talk as just one more conspiracy theory from the GOP presidential nominee. Which could be the response Trump wanted. The real-estate mogul and reality-TV star probably knows exactly what he’s doing here. Trump loves polls, and so he’s likely familiar with one from December 2012 indicating that 49 percent of Republicans in the country believed Obama won re-election through vote fraud.

It seems almost as if Donald Trump is trying to have his cake and eat it, too. Perhaps he recognizes he’s unlikely to defeat Hillary Clinton, and so he’s trying to lower expectations. If there’s one thing The Donald © hates, it’s a loser. By working to drop expectations, he increases the chances he can claim he didn’t lose the election- because it was stolen by crooked Democrats. How can one be considered a loser when the outcome was predetermined?

Trump isn’t stupid. He reads polls like anyone else, and if he can tear himself away from Fox News Channel, he’ll understand his dilemma. His gaffe-a-minute approach makes for great political theater; it also beats having to actually discuss issues. It’s not exactly a recipe for a resounding victory.

The problem is that it’s difficult to win the Presidency when you’re winging it. *The Donald* © can’t stay “on message”…because he has no message. You can’t sell what you don’t have. Peddling anger, vitriol, and disaffection may inflame passions, but can doing so win in November? Continue reading

Behold the awesome amoral destructive power of the female breast


I never cease to marvel at those who believe the sight of an exposed female breast to be conclusive proof the Apocalypse is nigh. Before you know it, men will be throwing women over their shoulders and taking them back to their caves to savage and rob them of their innocence. Society’s moral compass will be knocked askew as men and boys devolve into drooling, sex-addicted perverts who want to have sex because it’s fun.

As ANY good God-fearing White Christian patriot knows, sex is dirty, nasty, and disgusting. Or, as one wag commented,

Just like the boobs on Fox, this one, too, is lily-white and far to the right.

Indeed. Continue reading

Dog whistle politics: When you can’t openly call for the assassination of your opponent


One of the two major-party nominees for president just called for “Second Amendment people” to “do” something about his political opponent’s judges. According to the Trump campaign’s rapid response team, he was talking about those “Second Amendment people” coming together politically – “unification,” as they called it. The Clinton campaign, and pretty much the entire Internet, saw it differently: as a clear suggestion of violence against a political opponent…. What Trump said was that a particular group – those who are defined by rallying around guns – should do something about Clinton and her judicial nominees. What can people who rally around guns do that’s different than others? Use those guns.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump appears to understand, it’s the power of a dog whistle. He’s smart enough to understand the inflammatory nature of openly advocating for something offensive. Demagogue that he is, he knows how to (clumsily) speak in code designed to speak to a specific audience.

Trump may be a gifted demagogue, but he’s not a particularly artful public speaker. His reference to “2nd Amendment people” acting out when/if Hillary Clinton appoints Supreme Court justices not to their liking lacked subtlety and deniability. Certainly, his words can and should be parsed for meaning, but it didn’t take a Ph.D. to hear the dog whistle.

That dog whistle represents something scarier than you might think. Continue reading