Paul Ryan: Putting a (barely) human face to monstrosity and hypocrisy

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) cautioned against “knee-jerk” reactions that would “take away a citizen’s rights” to own guns after yet another mass shooter killed people using an easy-to-acquire semi-automatic weapon in Florida yesterday. “If that sounds familiar,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted, “it is because it is.”…. “You have to think these things through before we just have knee-jerk reactions,” Ryan said in a post-San Bernardino massacre clip. After a shooter killed nine people in Roseburg, Oregon in 2015, Ryan also argued against “knee-jerk reactions” that would supposedly infringe on Second Amendment gun rights, instead focusing on the “underlying factor” of mental illness.

If there’s been once consistently recurring theme, one reason why nothing ever seems to change after the school shooting du jour, it’s encapsulated in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s predictable reaction. After every mass shooting, Ryan is prone to calling for caution, saying we can’t leap to conclusions. We must, he says, look at the reasons behind the shootings and evaluate the role mental illness may have played. Guns don’t kill people, yadayadayada….

It’s a delaying tactic, one Ryan and his fellow Republicans have craftily and cynically perfected over time. It’s why we hear Conservatives saying it’s “too soon” to discuss gun control after a mass shooting…because that would be “politicizing tragedy.” Left undefined is when the time would be right to discuss gun control. Republicans know that if they wait it out, the American Sheeple will move on, and the latest horrific example of our problematic relationship with guns will fade from our collective memory. Continue reading

Guns have rights, too

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“MORGUNZ!!!” isn’t the only solution…or even close to being the best one

Be the change you wish to see

In the aftermath of the mass slaughter in Parkland, FL, I’ve felt different; the anger, outrage, and sense of futility and powerlessness over the constant drumbeat of the real “American Carnage” is unlike anything I’ve experienced. More than anything, I’m sick to death of calls to arm teachers and claims that only more guns will keep us safe. I’m fed up with Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © claiming after every mass shooting that “it’s too soon” and that talking about common sense gun control is “politicizing tragedy.” The smug arrogance of so-called “experts” who believe their solutions and ONLY their solutions are worth entertaining sicken me beyond words. “MORGUNZ!!” isn’t the answer…unless the question is “How can we ensure even MORE innocents die needlessly?” Continue reading

The new and improved “thoughts and prayers” generator

“[I]f Congress won’t act, American voters must.”

The choice before us is as stark as it is crucial and long overdue. Do we continue to sit on our hands while politicians in the pocket of the NRA impotently offer up “thoughts and prayers” after innocent blood is spilled? Do we continue allowing Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © to pervert and willfully misinterpret the 2nd Amendment? Or do we take matters into our own hands and use the power of the ballot box to stop the carnage?

It’s time we appropriated Donald Trump’s “American Carnage” and shine a spotlight on what that really means. The latest example is 17 people who will never come home to their loved ones again. It’s a community torn apart by a senseless act of mass slaughter which didn’t need to happen and could quite possibly have been prevented. Continue reading

Children are special…except when they’re expendable in favor of the 2nd Amendment

Who says children don’t have a voice?


Lost a loved one in a senseless mass shooting? No worries; the state of Florida has you covered.

At a Wednesday evening press conference on the shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced that the state would cover funeral expenses for the victims. “It’s a terrible tragedy, and sadly we’ve been here before,” Bondi noted. “I have five advocates headed in right now, I will have at least ten more tomorrow, driving in from all over the state,” she promised. “We will pay for the funeral expenses of these poor victims and do everything we can to help their families,” Bondi continued. “The state of Florida, we will pay for counseling for the surviving victims,” she continued. “We will pay for students who need counseling.”

Pam Bondi by now has probably dislocated her shoulder from patting herself on the back. After 17 of her constituents were slaughtered in yet another senseless school shooting, she did the right thing…at least in her mind.

What is the “right thing,” you ask? Is it committing to fight the good fight for common sense gun control? Is it making the case for keeping the mentally ill from buying guns? Is it talking about how it’s long past time to ensure no more of our children to die in what should be a safe place- their school? Are you kidding? Of course, she didn’t do any of those things. The NRA pulls her strings as if she was a marionette. No, she told Floridians that the state would cover funeral expenses for those murdered in Parkland and pay for counseling for survivors in need of help. THAT’S leadership. Continue reading

Memo to Republicans: Drop the charade and stop pretending you actually care about children