Truth knows no ideology or religion…and it serves no statesman or despot


The above graphic is a screen capture from Right Wing Watch, a website I’ve read for years. It’s much like every other day, when RWW chronicles the lies, deception, and hateful propaganda advanced by the American Taliban and the Rabid Right…often in the name of Jesus Christ. If you read RWW as bad comic theater, it’s actually rather entertaining. Unfortunately, the people profiled aren’t joking. They’re deadly serious and decidedly lacking in the humor department.

Take Dave Daubenmire, f’rinstance, whose only claim to fame- if it can even be called that- was being a high school football coach who refused to obey instructions to refrain from requiring his team to gather in prayer. Among other things, he’s stated that playing football should be mandatory. It’s all about becoming a man: “football ought to be mandatory in high school, everybody ought to have to play because it toughens you up.” That’s only the first song in his greatest hits album, though, because he’s managed to make a career out of being a fool for Jesus. Continue reading

The American Taliban has some ‘splainin’ to do

When God is on your side, all things are possible- even pedophilia and sexual abuse

Last Thursday, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a Twitter spat with Roy Moore, Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee. The night before, Kimmel had dispatched a comedian from his show to heckle Moore, a former judge and evangelical Christian, during a worship service. “But the whole town says you did it!” The comedian Tony Barbieri shouted as Moore attempted to address the church on the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. “The entire town? All the girls are lying?” he peppered. Police escorted Barbieri off the property; Roy Moore seized the opportunity. He took to Twitter to articulate the message that has driven his campaign ever since women accused him of molesting them as teenagers. “If you want to mock our Christian values,” he wrote to Kimmel, “come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.” The meaning was clear: Kimmel’s stunt was motivated by his elite disdain for Alabamians and their love of Jesus. (86% of adults in Alabama identify as Christian.) And if Kimmel could pull such a malicious stunt, who’s to say that the Washington Post hadn’t acted in the same bad faith when they originally rolled out the allegations against Moore?

If you find yourself beginning to believe Judge Roy Moore really IS being persecuted by the Liberal Media for being a godly man of principle, you might want to consider the possibility you’ve been propagandized for your protection. Consider that Alabama appears to inhabit a bizarre version of Evangelical reality in which being a pedophile and a sexual predator isn’t a problem if you’re a Republican. Continue reading

God is not who you think she is


When the beautiful game doesn’t seem so beautiful

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Timbers today announced that the club has acquired $650,000 in General Allocation Money (GAM) in 2018, $100,000 GAM in 2019, $300,000 in Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) in 2018 and an international spot through Dec. 31, 2018, from Atlanta United FC in exchange for midfielder Darlington Nagbe and defender Gbenga Arokoyo. Additionally, the Timbers will receive up to $600,000 in future TAM based on Nagbe’s performance with Atlanta United. “As the club’s first-ever MLS draft pick, Darlington has grown with this team from its beginnings in the league and has been a great player and representative in his seven years with the Timbers,” said Gavin Wilkinson, general manager and president of soccer for the Timbers. “On behalf of the entire organization, I want to sincerely thank Darlington for everything he has given this club and for helping Portland win its first MLS Cup in 2015. He will always be a part of the Timbers family, and we wish Darlington, his wife, Felicia, and their two children all the best.”

Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows I’m a YUUUGE soccer fan. I was a goalkeeper in college, I’ve coached the game, and one of the highlights of my life was standing on the terraces at a Manchester United/Chelsea match. That also one of most frightening experiences, but that’s another story for another time.

Erin and I have season tickets for Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers. We have a large group of friends who are passionate about the Timbers in-season…and obsessed with them in the off-season. This being the first week of the off-season, we have good reason to be upset. This is the biggest “WTF???” moment in the seven-year history of the franchise. Continue reading

A Democrat wins in Texas?: Why, I can believe a half-dozen impossible things before breakfast!!

On the heels of the Alabama election, deep red parts of Texas are also ready to turn. An NPR report explained that every Republican in the state will be forced to fight for their seat for the first time in 25 years. Candidate filing in the Secretary of State’s office show that a Democrat running in each of the 36 congressional districts in the state. It’s a record setting number at a time that President Donald Trump opted to mock those saying they’re in “the resistance.” It’s a stark contrast from the 2016 election when eight congressional seats held by Republicans went completely uncontested. “We are seeing a groundswell of unusually high support and mobilization among progressive Democrats who are really angered by the Trump administration,” said Mark Jones a political science fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute.

It’s tempting in the wake of Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama to believe Democrats are ascendant. That may well be, but we shouldn’t let the euphoria of the moment lead us into believing in the inevitability of decisive victory. Reclaiming America is by no means a slam-dunk. Last night was more about Judge Roy Moore than Jones. If Republicans had put forward a candidate with even half Moore’s baggage, they’d be the ones smiling and nursing hangovers in the light of day.

That note of caution aside, there’s the (perhaps ever so slight) possibility of something similar happening in Texas. Don’t look now, y’all…but Texas (as bright red as Alabama) may be in play next November. During my decade-long sojourn in the Lone Star State, Democrats kept a low profile; they didn’t have a shot. Now there’s a very real possibility that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Mordor) may be facing a legitimate threat to his incumbency from Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Stay tuned, y’all…this could be interesting.

Moral bankruptcy: When you’d without hesitation vote for a pedophile over a Democrat

Sixty-three million Americans elected a pathetic tyrant and despot. Well played, y’all!!

As is his nature, Mr. Trump is lashing out – most recently at Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who called on him to resign. The President’s tweet said the Senator “would do anything for” campaign donations. This is disgusting and sexist rhetoric. It is so far below the standards of human decency that no civil person should condone it, let alone normalize it…. I think that what we are seeing here is fear, a deep fear of a world closing in. After all fear is what an animal in a cage really is feeling. The opposition to President Trump is emboldened. It is clear that Democrats who are positioning themselves for a run at the Oval Office in 2020 – like Senator Gillibrand – feel that their path lies through calling out Mr. Trump, especially on his sexual harassment allegations…. I believe in the decency of the vast majority of the American people. I believe that most know this is not normal, not normal at all. I believe that most know we have been and should be better than this.

Dan Rather

Whether or not you see sexism or sexual harassment in the President’s Twitter assault on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), there can be no doubt as to its embarrassing immaturity and childishness. GOP spokesman Steve Schmidt called it “an assault on the dignity of the office of the President.” Schmidt, a Republican I’ve always respect for his class and honesty, is being far too kind.

It was yet another day in which Donald Trump demonstrates he lives in a barrel with no bottom. Or, as you might know it, Tuesday. Continue reading

Once again, ignorant White folks are their own worst enemy

2017: Year of the Angry Impotent White Racist

Owner of punchable face: Every Person Who Still Supports Donald Trump

Occupation: Unwashed masses yearning for someone to bring everyone else down to their own sad and unremarkable level of existence that will scarcely be remembered sixty days after they either accidentally shoot themselves or diabetes wins.

The face: All shades of white, from fish-belly to mottled to incipient stroke.

Crimes against humanity: Racism, misogyny, inchoate anger based upon something they heard on Fox News or saw on Facebook, irrationality, ahistoricism, anti-science, cowardly, ALL-CAP-TYPING, don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” Bible-toting malicious ignorant yokels wrapped in an American flag and wearing a MAGA hat made in China.

Bless their stupid hearts.

Remember how at the end of 2016 we were all so relieved? Surely, we thought, there’s NO WAY 2017 and the people who will come to prominence could make the new year any worse than what we were leaving behind?

Yeah, about that…. Continue reading