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Unless you’re a White militia member, not all protesters are created the same

Law enforcement officials in North Dakota, escorted by armored vehicles and helicopters, moved Thursday to dismantle the newest campsite for the Dakota Access protesters, built just days ago directly on… Read more »

When is sedition not a criminal, traitorous act? When a Republican engages in it.

sedition [si-dish–uh n] noun 1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government. 2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion. 3. Archaic. rebellious disorder…. Read more »

Because the content of one’s character really DOES matter more than the color of one’s skin

A super PAC launched by the creators of Cards Against Humanity erected a new billboard denouncing Donald Trump this week. The zeitgeisty card game’s political action group, The Nuisance Committee,… Read more »

America 2016: You can’t fix stupid…or racist…or sexist…or….

If you’re a comedy writer, or someone from a foreign country who can’t vote, Indecision 2016 has been a godsend. Funny, irreverent and truly unbelievable “WTF??” moments abound…on a daily-… Read more »

#BasketOfDeplorables: Racism and bigotry finally go mainstream

Alt-right #Deplorables vision for an all-white society, with Donald Trump as Dear Leader #tcot #UniteBlue — (((Beelzebabushka))) (@viciousbabushka) October 9, 2016 The alt-right movement, reveling in the spotlight… Read more »

“Mr. Trump…decided that his best response was to snarl and double down on old falsehoods”

There’s no way to know the full extent of the damage until November 8th, but it’s difficult to imagine any reasonable observer not recognizing last night’s Presidential debate for the… Read more »

You need not be an asshole to run for President…but it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances

I’ve known enough sociopaths to recognize the patterns myself: the ability to repeat lies over and over, and then contradict them shamelessly five minutes later. Constant impulsive statements and actions…. Read more »

When truth is dishonesty and deceit is integrity, you get Donald Trump

[A] closer examination, over the course of a week, revealed an unmistakable pattern: Virtually all of Mr. Trump’s falsehoods directly bolstered a powerful and self-aggrandizing narrative depicting him as a… Read more »

A Presidential election is little more than a cheap excuse for settling scores

Omarosa: 'Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have to Bow Down to President Trump' (VIDEO) — Mediaite (@Mediaite) September 22, 2016 Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow… Read more »