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“One cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied”

Poland’s senate has approved a controversial bill that makes it illegal to accuse the nation of complicity in crimes committed by Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust. The bill, which passed… Read more »

When careerism and greed trump patriotism and love of country

@ByronYork Sadly, York is another corrupt Republican, defending his corrupt party, at the expense of our democracy. That’s been my biggest disappointment with this entire affair: Just how unpatriotic and… Read more »

Tomi Lahren: If only the darkies knew their place and kept to it

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren on Wednesday lashed out at the National Football League over a policy allowing players to kneel for the national anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl…. Read more »

#SorryNotSorry: Satan’s Cigarettes are destroying “The Blacks.” No, Really….

Kansas state Rep. Steve Alford (R – Old Whitepeople) is not a fan of the devil weed Marihuana, and at a legislative meet-n-greet Saturday in Garden City, he offered some… Read more »

Repeat after me: Smug arrogance is no way to run a railroad…or a government

FCC Chair Ajit Pai 'Shows Just How Dumb He Thinks Americans Are' With Video Mocking Net Neutrality |Via Commondreams — SafetyPin-Daily (@SafetyPinDaily) December 16, 2017 So it’s come to… Read more »

“Go get ’em, Roy!”: Republicans finally show their true, dishonest, and immoral colors

"Go get 'em, Roy!" – President Trump Just got off the phone with President Trump who offered his full support and said he needs a fighter to help him in… Read more »

“[I]nclusion is important…. I don’t know if that’s necessary. It’s just not in my belief system”

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A new billboard on I-25 is causing some controversy. The billboard on northbound I-25 near Montgomery tells people to “just skip church” and ‘”it’s all fake news!”… Read more »