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Coultergeist: When confronted by a troll, the best response is often to ignore them

Comedy Central’s planned roast of actor Rob Lowe took a vicious turn Saturday night, when celebrity guests took their shots at conservative columnist Ann Coulter in brutal fashion, even by… Read more »

Dear African-American athletes: Shut up and play ball. Love, America.

Sometime far in the future, Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the playing of the national anthem will be heralded as another example of a black athlete using his or… Read more »

Armchair patriotism isn’t a license to condemn others for exercising their rights

[T]oo many Americans feel like honoring veterans happens during national anthems at sports events. Because our affection for soldiers and their sacrifice is mostly confined to a two-minute rendition of… Read more »

Who knew the 1st Amendment applies only to Conservative White nationalists?

Why is the crowd that says America is no longer great, upset with Colin Kaepernick for pointing out flaws in America? — Alphonso (@VGIII) August 27, 2016 I have a… Read more »

Dog whistles shouldn’t be considered a campaign tool

In case you were wondering, Hillary Clinton’s ad department still is having SO MUCH FUN doing its job, which is taking honest #ScienceFacts about Donald Trump and his campaign, and… Read more »

Remember, you can only play music middle-aged White folks like

A memo apparently sent to Portland Public Schools bus drivers says they can play pop, jazz and country radio stations while driving kids to school—but not hip-hop. Outraged parents including… Read more »

Not everything involving black skin is racist…especially when it’s not about skin color

This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016 — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) August 15, 2016 I suppose tweets are like ciphers; a reader will interpret one as… Read more »