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Oregon: Making consensual suicide fun again!

Oregonians to vote on whether to end constitutional ban on duels between public officials — Boing Boing (@BoingBoing) April 10, 2017 Should ongoing discussions in Salem materialize, voters… Read more »

The 1st Amendment isn’t a license to be an asshole, Part Deux

It’s difficult to know which is more repugnant: The unruly at a Portland City Council meeting telling Mayor Ted Wheeler his mother’s mistake was giving birth to him or the… Read more »

The 1st Amendment isn’t a license to be an asshole

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland City Council discussed an ordinance on Mar. 8 that focuses on how the city should handle the disruption of city meetings, but commissioners did not vote… Read more »

Today’s Hero of the People and Model of Compassion: Jeremy Patrick Kidwell

A 46-year-old man upset with homeless people living in his Southeast Portland neighborhood was sentenced Monday to two years of probation for tossing a homemade bomb under a homeless woman’s… Read more »

LaVoy Finicum: In the end, he was a criminal…not a martyr

Jeanette Finicum has returned to Oregon this week to gather supporters in John Day – the city where her husband was headed to speak at a town hall about the… Read more »