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Who ya gonna believe? ME?? Or your lying eyes??

“Fake news!” is the bellowed slogan of the moment. The internet, by obliterating traditional barriers to mass dissemination of information, has commodified “truth” like never before, making it easy for… Read more »

In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice

A Donald Trump spokeswoman Tuesday night opened a new front in the GOP nominee’s campaign of insults against the parents of a Muslim-American war hero, this time blaming President Barack… Read more »

From the Department of Double Standards: Personal responsibility for thee, nay for me

Gingrich says he won't pay his '12 campaign debt. Stiffing 114 businesses out of millions @ArthurDelaneyHP @PaulBlu — Amanda Terkel (@aterkel) August 5, 2016 WASHINGTON ― Newt Gingrich apparently… Read more »

We probably should resist the temptation to dance on the grave of Donald Trump’s campaign

Democrats, prompted by Mr. Trump’s latest antics and the string of Republicans who have spoken out against him, have, perhaps prematurely, started discussing a loftier goal than just winning in… Read more »

Trump/Pence 2016: One is a loudmouth and a bigot, the other a homophobic culture warrior

[Mike] Pence, the Republican nominee for vice president, is an anti-science, anti-women, anti-LGBT, radical religious extremist. Pence is a rabid homophobe who wants to deny civil rights to LGBT people,… Read more »

US Army Captain Humayun Khan: You really should know his story

Captain Humayun Khan was an immigrant and an American hero. This is his story. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 19, 2015 It’s been easy to get caught up in the… Read more »