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Tasteless, deeply offensive, and grossly insensitive: The 9/11 edition

A Texas mattress shop is being ripped for a tasteless commercial featuring a “Twin Towers” sale to mark 9/11. The 21-second spot for Miracle Mattress in San Antonio ends with… Read more »

Bryan Fischer: Enforced patriotism? Reflexive nationalism? How incredibly North Korea of you, sir.

Is Colin Kaepernick breaking the law by refusing to stand for the national anthem? Absolutely. Will he get thrown in jail for it? No. Will he get fined? That’s up… Read more »

The Ugly American: No, it’s not an urban legend

Sometimes, as I’ve traveled overseas, I’ve been troubled by that notion, of the assumption of the Ugly American. I’ve thought it a cartoon, a caricature, whose time was surely over…. Read more »