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Dog whistles shouldn’t be considered a campaign tool

In case you were wondering, Hillary Clinton’s ad department still is having SO MUCH FUN doing its job, which is taking honest #ScienceFacts about Donald Trump and his campaign, and… Read more »

Beware the government-subsidized onslaught of militant lesbian farmers

Remember back in the day when wingnut hate radio wackaloon Bryan Fischer said he wished Michelle Obama would focus one of her health initiatives on solving the problem of beefy… Read more »

“I believe in science” shouldn’t be considered a radical statement

[T]he two major presidential candidates this year hold vastly different views on science-related issues. Hillary Clinton actually read the line “I believe in science” as she accepted the Democratic nomination… Read more »

Words matter…because in the wrong hands they can lead to tragic consequences

I can remember it as if it was yesterday. I walked into the student commons at Macalester College to check my mailbox (remember when we actually used to get mail?)… Read more »

DEA: Marijuana should remain illegal because…well, because it’s illegal

What’s so bad about weed that we should continue to keep it illegal in this country? The DEA is glad you asked. We should keep weed illegal because it is… Read more »